Thursday, August 27, 2009


My name is JoAnna. My major is currently Criminal Justice with my minor in Forensics. I am strongly considering changing my major to Forensics and doing my minor in Criminal Justice. I am planning on going to graduate school for Forensics. I am not sure what exactly I want to do as a future career. I would like to either work as a part of a crime scene unit or analyzing blood spatter. I actually have very much experience with writing. I have had to do a few research papers and a few academic papers but that is about all as for formal writing. I have done journaling and blogging; I do enjoy doing that kind of writing. I have trouble sometimes trying to figuring out what exactly to put into papers.

I enjoy writing for fun. I enjoy blogging or journaling in particular. I enjoy the freedom of getting things off of my mind. I like being able to get everything out and know that others can read it and a lot of time comment on it. I enjoy hearing other people's opinions on situations that I need to get out.
A type of writing I don't really like to do research papers. My major problem with these is not so much the actual writing as the referencing of what I do put in the paper. Doing research papers I’m always worried that I’ll end up not referencing something correctly or something like that. Depending on the topic I also get very frustrated trying to find out what needs to go into the paper.